Kids and Exercise 

It is a no-brainer that exercise and other physical activities are good for the body, mind, and overall health. And while for the adults like us, we associate exercise with going in the gym, lifting weights, and running on a treadmill, children do not see exercise this way — in fact, these are so inappropriate.  

Exercises for kids mean kid-friendly cruises, park playing, zoo visiting, dancing, soccer-playing, biking, and other play-time or sports activities that are fun and enjoyable to do.  


What are the Benefits of Exercise? 

  • Leaner bodies 
  • Stronger bones and muscles 
  • Lower chance of having type 2 diabetes 
  • Not getting overweight 
  • Better mood and outlook in life 
  • Lower cholesterol levels 

Although exercise in the form of play and sports are mainly beneficial to the physical body, these physical activities can also boost the kids’ mood and their mental health, resulting in lesser chances of depression.  

The following are the THREE ELEMENTS of FITNESS 

These three elements: strength, endurance, and flexibility are the things you can observe when you see your children play or do sport. There is a need to encourage our children to do a variety of physical activities to be able to work on all of these elements. 

  • Strength – this element does not necessitate your children to lift weights just like what adults do. However, they can do stomach crunches, push-ups, pull-ups, and other exercises to help them tone the body especially their muscles. They can also improve this aspect by wrestling, handstand, or climbing. 
  • Endurance – this aspect can be exercised when the children are able to have regular aerobic activities. During aerobic activities, the heart beats faster, the muscles are forced to move, and the person breathes faster. Overall, these strengthen the hear resulting to improved ability of the person’s body to deliver oxygen to the different parts of the body. The following are the children  
  • Flexibility – is the ability to allow the joints and muscles to bend and move easily in a full range motion. The children need to be provided with chances to stretch and play with their toys and do other stuff that requires different movements.  

How Much Exercise Do the Children Need? 

Toddlers should have physical activities several times a day for 60 minutes, while preschoolers should be active for about 120 minutes per day. The physical activities they need to do should be with the parents’ guide.  

How to Encourage Your Children to Have Exercise? 

The children now have become difficult to encourage to do exercise and physical activities as they are now more inclined in playing with their gadgets and the Internet. You can do the following: 

  • For kids younger than 18 months, discourage any screen time 
  • For kids 2 to 5 years, limit the screen time to an hour per day except when doing video-chatting  
  • Put time limits when it comes to social media, TV, and video games. They should not disturb the hours for sleeping, eating, and playing 
  • Keep computers, TVs, and video games away from the children’s bedroom. Make sure that there is no gadget that is available to use in their room 
  • Turn off screens during mealtime. 


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